Creating Successful Parenting Schedules

Creating a successful co-parenting schedule is crucial to your child’s needs and development, as well as their ability to cope with their new lifestyle.

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The Importance of Medical Documentation and Continued Treatment (SSD)

Keep in mind that it is not you, but the SSA, that needs to approve your filing. Your medical documentation has to be sufficient in their point of view.

Mediation Creates a Customized Plan For Your Family

Mediation provides an environment that is open and conducive to arriving at creative solutions to a dispute in your divorce or child custody agreement.

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Fighting for Custody Can Hurt Your Children

During a divorce, children are often caught in between and it creates confusion for them as their sense of security in family becomes threatened.

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How SSD Can Help You

We know that accidents happen, we just don’t think that they will happen to us. You may qualify for social security disability if you are not able to work.

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