The final step of obtaining a K-1 fiancé visa to enter the United States, is to complete the fiancé interview at the U.S. Embassy or consulate’s office. The interview part of the process is used to determine whether or not a relationship is legitimate. This is often the most stressful part of the process, but can be managed by taking time to prepare ahead of the interview, gathering all of the required documentation, and knowing your fiancé well.

If you are a U.S. citizen looking for more information about how to begin the K-1 fiancé visa application process, please visit our Obtaining a Fiancé Visa page.

What is the Fiancé Visa Interview?

The fiancé interview takes place after the U.S. citizen has received an approved petition for his or her fiancé to come to the United States. It takes place at the U.S. consulate office in the foreign citizen’s home country, and does not require the U.S. citizen to attend. However, if the U.S. citizen has the means and time to attend, it is recommended that he or she attends as it adds to the legitimacy of the relationship. The interview typically lasts between 10-30 minutes.

The purpose of the interview is the ensure that the relationship is real, and the questions are designed to weed out applicants who do not have a real relationship with a U.S. citizen.

The interview is conducted very similarly to the way that the interview is handled for spouses of U.S. citizens, since the ultimate goal of a foreign citizen is to become a U.S. citizen. The consular official will likely ask for documentation that shows a legitimate relationship including photos, proof that you have met in person, and information about your engagement and wedding plans.

How Can I Prepare for the Interview?

The best way to prepare for the fiancé visa interview is to review all of the information that has been submitted so far. This information may seem unimportant, but it will be weighted heavily when the consular official makes their determination about whether or not your relationship is legitimate. Make sure that you know the dates of visits to different places, financial figures, and information about each other’s history.

It is also important at this time to discuss with your fiancé the details of your relationship as well as your planned future together. The better understanding that you have of your future husband or wife, the better for your relationship, as well as for the immigration process. Details about how you met, how you fell in love, how you have kept in touch, and why you decided to get married will be very important to your case.

Required Documentation

-Completed Form DS-160, Online. You must complete this page online, and print the confirmation page to bring to the interview.
-A valid passport. The validity date should be good for at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States.
-Death or divorce certificates. From any previous spouses for both you and the U.S. citizen
-Police certificates. From your current country of residence and any others that you lived in for more than 6 months past the age of 16. (Police certificates are also required for children aged 16 and older.)
-Medical Examinations. This must be conducted before the interview using the medical examination form with the physician.
-Evidence of Financial Support (Form I-134)
-Two (2) 2×2 photographs. Review the photo requirements.
-Evidence of relationship. This may include travel itineraries or photos.
-Payment of fees

The consular official may also ask for additional information to make sure that your relationship is genuine.

What types of Questions will be asked?

In order to find out more information about you and your intentions to come to the United States, there are three types of questions that are asked during the interview.

Questions about You

“Have you visited to U.S. before? When? Why? How long?”
“Do you have any relatives in the U.S?”
“Have you been married before? How did it end?”
“Do you have any children?”
“Has your fiancé met your children? If no, why not?”
“Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?”

Questions about your Fiancé

Basic questions: full name, age, birthday
“What does your fiancé do for work?”
“Where does your fiancé live?”
“Have you met your fiancé’s parents/children? If no, why not?”
“Does he or she have any brothers or sisters? What are their names and ages?”
“What do you love about your fiancé?”
“Has your fiancé been married before? If yes, how did it end?”

Questions about Your Relationship Upcoming Wedding

“How did you meet?”
“How long have you known each other?”
“How long did you date before you got engaged?”
“How did your fiancé propose?”
“How do you communicate in a long distance relationship?”
“When do you plan to get married? Where?”
“Do you have plans for a honeymoon?”

While the fiancé visa interview is often stressful, and there is a lot of pressure to get every answer correct, it is most important to be genuine and express knowledge where you have it. Answering questions that you do not actually know the answer to can be harmful to your case. The best way to ease your nerves is to make sure that you are prepared.

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