As more details become available regarding the recent split between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, many more questions have been coming to light regarding the future of their children and the division of their property. Angelina cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce paperwork, which has been reported to come as shock to Brad.

Regardless of what has caused the separation, divorce is never an easy subject to approach, especially when your life is in the public eye.

Custody of the Jolie-Pitt Children

The children, no doubt, will be the center of the divorce. Speculation has arisen regarding Angelina’s concern for Brad’s ability to parent the children, and she is seeking joint legal custody (retaining physical custody) of their six children, three of which were adopted. At this time, we do not know if Brad will oppose that request to seek joint physical custody of the children.

The ex-couple has agreed on a temporary plan for the children until the case can be reviewed further. At this time, all of the children will stay in Angelina’s physical custody with visits allowed from Brad. The case will be reviewed on October 20 by the Department of Children and Family Services to fully evaluate the situation and determine the best course of action moving forward.

Following the filing of the paperwork, there have been reports that the children are in therapy to cope with the news of their parents divorce. This is a most certainly a healthy route to take for children of any divorce, especially those that have been in the spotlight.

Marital Property Division

At this time, it is not known if there are any prenuptial agreements between Angelina and Brad. Prenuptial agreements typically outline how any property will be divided, and how arrangements will be handled in the case of a divorce.

Angelina has requested that she retain her personal effects and any earnings that she receives following the filing of the divorce papers. Any marital property, including the estates that they own together around the world, will be divided according to California’s community property laws. Unlike Florida’s equitable distribution law, California’s community property law requires the net value of any assets to be divided equally.

High profile divorces often come with baggage that most couples do not have to deal with. Because of the nature of the case, there is the ability for their case to be resolved in a private manner through the courts.

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