The family is the closest and most intimate unit of society and this is often why conflicts within them can be some of the most difficult. Because family is such an important part of our lives, resolving conflicts that may arise will maintain top priority.

One of the most effective methods in arriving at a resolution is through family mediation. Mediation enables family members to have the tools necessary to reach an agreement that may not have been achieved in any other way.

Family mediation allows members to work together towards resolving the conflict while maintaining control and a sense of responsibility for the process. As such, cooperation and fairness is required and reflection is needed in order to make the best decisions with regard to the well-being of everyone involved.

The Role of Family Mediators

A family mediator’s role is to guide a family member towards the best resolutions available within a dispute. Mediators are third-party individuals tasked to look at the situation from a big-picture perspective and give out their relatively objective point of view. They can be a family friend, member, or colleague, but for more serious cases, professional mediators may be needed. Couples who have divorced may need a family mediator to help them reach a reliable solution to their issues. Bringing in a third person into seemingly unresolvable conflicts can provide a fresh air and a safer ground where two people can finally see eye to eye.

Family mediators are unlike child custody or divorce attorneys. They are there to help opposing parties attain win-win agreements in a divorce or child custody issue. Because they are professionals, you can count on them to remain impartial and keep a neutral perspective so that conflicts can be resolved through appropriate compromise. Open communication is encouraged by mediators so that family members are able to express their needs to one another in a respectful environment. The goal is to reach a mutually-benefitting agreement that is shared by both parties.

Third-party Intervention

Third-party interventions using a family mediator is considered a constructive approach that results in desirable outcomes and helps to assure mutual satisfaction. In cases of a divorce for instance, mediated settlements have been found to last longer and allow for better protection of children’s interests. Because of this, it becomes less costly and also less argumentative. Whether mediation is done out of court or during the litigation process, this intervention is a welcoming respite in the midst of insurmountable conflicts for both parties and their children.

Most often than not, client satisfaction is highest in those who resorted to family mediation as compared to lawyer negotiation and court hearings. This is because mediated settlements give them an opportunity to be truly heard and understood. Higher agreements are reached by those who go for mediation first before pursuing court trials as they are able to participate in the kind of process that results in fairer outcomes for family members.

For the Sake of the Children

The main beneficiaries of family mediation are the children, especially those dealing with the separation or divorce of their parents. With family mediation, co-parents are able to tailor-fit the solutions to their own and their children’s needs and interests. Meanwhile, litigants find the legal system to be impersonal, intrusive, and intimidating in its ways that it tends to lead to more conflicts than resolutions.

With family mediation, parents are able to realize that when they are empowered to make their own parenting arrangements, it allows them to focus more on meeting the needs of the family and their children based on the restructured set-up. The mediation process provides them opportunities to go deep and identify the underlying issues within the family conflicts, to be able to express their points of view more freely, and feel less pressured or rushed than they would in a courtroom. And because parents are able to agree, compromise, and cooperate, children are better able to adjust to the new situation.

Why Choose Family Mediation

If you have not heard about family mediation before, it can be surprising how this option really has a lot to offer you and your family. Mediation brings together the two sides of a story so that you are able to reach an agreement that is truly satisfactory for everyone. Communication is opened and cooperation skills are also developed.

After all the anger, conflicts, and arguments, hostility can be substantially reduced with mediation while maintaining privacy and confidentiality. There will be less of the tension and adversarial atmosphere and more likelihood for the restructured relationship to get better in the long run. The needs and interest of the children take center stage.

One thing that also bares mentioning are the costs associated with family mediation. The expense is often greatly reduced through this simpler and shorter process together than with lawyer involvement and court proceedings.

If you believe that you could use the assistance of a family mediator, Anna-Maria Capizzi is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family mediator. She is prepared to help you come to a resolution through open communication and to create the best outcome for your family.
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