Modifying Your Parenting Plan

To modify a parenting plan in Florida, you must receive a judge’s approval, and the new plan must continue to maintain the child’s best interests.

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Putting Family First for the Holidays

Maintaining a “child-focused” attitude will make certain that the holidays are the best that they can be for your children.

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Preparing for Mediation

Mediation allows each party to express their thoughts and concerns about a given situation and determine solutions to problems such as child custody, child support and visitation, as well as the division of any assets and debts in a divorce.

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Setting Boundaries Through Mediation

Co-parenting with the help of mediation can help ensure that communication is open and that the decisions made are a healthy solution for everyone involved.

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Mediation Creates a Customized Plan For Your Family

Mediation provides an environment that is open and conducive to arriving at creative solutions to a dispute in your divorce or child custody agreement.

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