We are proud to announce that partner, Anna-Maria Capizzi has completed the requirements to become a Family Law Mediator. We take pride in continuing education and being able to offer our clients the services that they need most.

Anna-Maria enjoys the opportunity making her clients feel at ease when discussing sensitive issues, and she will be able to extend those skills even further with her extended practice into family mediation. Her aggressive yet compassionate approach and attention to detail have proven to provide excellent results for her clients. She believes that difficult times are only temporary, and looks forward to doing what she can to help you push through.

Family Mediation services are offered on a sliding fee scale, based on the combined annual income of both parties combined, as follows:
$100/hour – up to $50K
$150/hour – $50K – $100K
$200/hour – $100K – $150K
$225/hour – $150K+

If you are in need of a mediation conference, please call our offices to discuss your case with Anna-Maria, (954) 920-9220.