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Legal issues, documents, or applications can sometimes require a lengthy or complicated process. If you need assistance with filling out legal paperwork or are have some questions about how you need to follow up after the submission process, please contact Seff Capizzi Law Group. We can advise you, help prevent common mistakes and prepare you for any possible obstacles that you may encounter. This can greatly affect your ability to move forward with your goals, because sometimes simple errors can cause huge delays or have consequences that might restrict your ability to apply again.

A Will is a legal document setting out who will be beneficiaries of your estate and how and when they receive their inheritance. Any person who is 18 years of age or older and who is of sound mind may make a Will in Florida. If you do not have a Florida Will, the state determines who, if anyone, is entitled to receive your estate after your death. Taking the time to consider this important life step is of paramount importance to you and your family.

There are formalities by which a Will must be executed and witnessed in order for it to be valid in Florida and to avoid a will contest after you pass away.  Additionally, the will appoints a Personal Representative who is granted the responsibility of paying the last expenses of the decedent, identifying the decedent’s beneficiaries and distributing the assets of the decedent to the beneficiaries.

Let Seff Capizzi Law Group help you express your final wishes in your last Will and Testament, including those bequests in which you are faced with unique family circumstances.

Florida probate is the court procedure for settling the business and personal affairs of a deceased person by formally proving the validity of a Florida Will and verifying the legal transfer of property to beneficiaries.  Probate may also involve appointing a Personal Representative while supervising the transfer of property to heirs if no Will exists.

In sum, a Florida Probate is the legal process whereby a deceased person’s estate is administered and distributed.  Florida Law provides for Formal Administration and Summary Administration of the deceased estate.

Florida Summary Probate can be done when either the property in Florida subject to Probate Administration has property subject to creditor claims which is worth less than $75k or the decedent has died more than 2 years ago.

A situation which often occurs to allow a Florida Summary Probate is when a surviving spouse passes away leaving their homestead property to their children.  Any estate above $75,000 requires Formal Administration.

The administration of an estate is a difficult process, especially while grieving the loss of a loved-one.  Let us help you go through the probate process without adding grieve.

Personal injury involves a possible civil lawsuit as a result of wrongful conduct and the associated conditions that contribute to or are the result of negligence. This may involve injury to your body (brain, burns, eyes, neck, etc), general negligence, injury due to machinery such as an elevator, injury involving certain weather conditions, vehicular accidents, public transportation accidents and more.

Small Claims falls within general law and is usually (in the state of Florida) over a dispute between parties that does not exceed $5000. Usually you would begin this process by filing a Statement of Claim, and it would go through the system as per the protocol of your state.

Common small claims disputes are issues involving contracts to purchase personal property, such as furniture that was bought through financing, or service contracts.