Unfortunately, the coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, is impacting many aspects of everyone’s life around the world. Not only the ones that become infected and are fighting it, but also the ones that have fought it or died from it. The coronavirus has and is impacting all of us in many different ways:

  • Work-life – Some people can telecommute and work from home. Some are essential at work and are risking their lives every day, like doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, etc. Some will probably lose their jobs.
  • School-life – Children and young adults. Schools and colleges are trying to figure out how to keep the kids learning from home – via online or other – to finish the school year.
  • Family-life – With the children and in many cases, both spouses are home 24/7; it can become a bit chaotic at home.
  • Daily routine – Everything we all do regularly. Such as going to work, the mall, the gym, the post office, an eatery for lunch, the doctor’s appointment, grocery shopping, etc. can be restricted, canceled or a nightmare when grocery shopping for essential.
  • Leisure time – Many flights, cruises, tickets for different attractions, etc. Vacation time has been canceled.

Affecting the economy and at the same time each person’s wallet, we need to make the best out of it while doing our part to stop it. This time may be a great opportunity to think about what’s important in our lives and don’t take things for granted.

From a legal perspective, many divorces and social security disability cases will get delay. This delay may differ, depending on the region and county your case was filed. Authorities are taking precautions and are restricting the ability to go to offices and courthouses to avoid spreading the virus. Most people are telecommuting, so be prepared and patient during these uncharted times.

We have all seen in the news worldwide the difficulties some countries are going through. People are being forced to self-quarantine. In extreme cases, people are being prohibited from leaving their homes, and restaurants, stores, hotels, salons, etc. are closed.

It is psychologically challenging for humans to be isolated. It can give many people anxiety, stress, and it can have detrimental consequences for families going through a divorce, especially for families with children. So, this isolation time can work in your favor or totally the opposite. It will depend in part on the way you look at the glass, half empty or half full? And also, on how well you can control anxiety and stress. Even though this is not vacation time, your children are home, as well as your spouse – in some cases. Try to use this time to bring your family together, teach-and-learn about taking care of each other. Enjoy movie nights, chess games, trivia games, or even cooking, napping, jogging, bike riding together. There are endless ways to enjoy your family time together and make it more meaningful.

And yes, it can go the opposite way. It also depends on your spouse’s behavior. Stress and anxiety can make some people aggressive, so please, if children, make sure they don’t suffer the consequences. Seek help right away, especially if you and your children are enduring physical and psychological abuse. You may need to find a place to live while quarantining or may be able to ask your spouse to leave. Either way, don’t panic and stay calm; try to stay safe and in a harmonious environment. Take 5-minutes every couple of hours to breathe and practice patience.

Also, please try to do your part as we do ours. Stay home if you don’t have an extreme necessity to go out. Take all the necessary precautions and don’t expose yourself and your family, especially if having elderly and babies in your household. #StayAtHome

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