Seff & Capizzi Law Group has a history in providing exceptional service to its clients. The firm focuses on Family Law, Mediation, Social Security Disability, and General Practice related matters. Seff & Capizzi Law Group also offer paralegal services.


Family Law deals with marriage, divorce, alimony/spousal support, child custody, time-sharing, child support, paternity, dependency, and adoption. Attorneys with experience in family law issues are known as family lawyers. MORE INFORMATION HERE.
Social Security Disability claims can be tough to win. Especially since you are dealing with government agencies. Getting an experienced attorney in SS Disability can help you file, process and plan for success. MORE INFORMATION HERE.
Seff & Capizzi Law Group offers what is knows as “paralegal” services to assist the public in handling their own divorce or paternity matter.  We also offer notary services since many of the pleadings need to be notarized before filing if a client chose to be a pro se litigant.  Please email or call our office for more information regarding our paralegal services. MORE INFORMATION HERE.
Family mediation is a method that allows members to work together to resolve a conflict without having to go to court. It is an opportunity to come to resolutions regarding divorce, assets, and child custody in a reasonable manner without litigation and a potentially lengthy court battle. MORE INFORMATION HERE.